At Tamarack Mobile Massage, we offer you relaxation and comfort at your convenience. We can come to your home or office to help you with self-care, whether it is to relax or to assist you in your recovery. 

Tamarack currently offers Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Salt Glow & Mud Wrap packages. 

Have us in as a special treat or set up regular appointments.

Call or text 814.204.2043. Clients by referral only.




*All prices include travel costs*


Swedish Massage

30 minutes $70 

60 minutes $95 

  90 minutes $140 


Hot Stone

60 minutes $110

90 minutes $155


Salt Glow and Mud Wrap

120 minutes $200 



The costs of travel are built into the price. Additional services in the same time block and at same location will be discounted the $25 travel fee. *If a second massage is scheduled at your house, right after your appointment, there will be a $25 discount, as you have already paid the travel costs.*



Corporate and Event Rate $100/hour plus a $25 travel fee

(Chair or Table Massage available)




  • Do I need my own massage table? No, I will bring an adjustable massage table (or massage chair when appropriate) to your appointment.


  • Can my neighbor come over and get a massage, too? Yes! You can book back to back appointments and the additional appointments will be discounted $25 as you have already paid for travel costs (up to 4 appointments at any location).


  • Will you bring relaxing music? Yes, I will, but you can listen to your music, the news, or the birds - it is your time.


  • Do I have enough room for a home massage? Probably, we'll make it work in *almost* every case. My table is 78"x 30" and I also need to fit around it. If you can make a snow angel on the floor, it's probably enough space.


  • Can you massage children/teens? Yes, to work on anyone 18 or under a parent must be present (in the same room, not just in the same house). Please plan accordingly.


  • Can you massage my dog? Not yet. Stay tuned for more news about Tamarack's Canine bodywork.


  • Will I get a discount if I have my own massage table at my house? Yes, of course. Bless you for reducing the amount of times I lug my table around. Ask Shannon for details.



**All clients of Restoring Health Massage Therapy will be seen at the shop in town**